DeLand, Florida, offers a unique real estate market characterized by a mix of older homes and more expensive new constructions. This disparity presents a significant opportunity for the Blue Lake Cove project, especially for homes under 1,000 square feet.

Average Age and Cost of Existing Homes

The median age of homes in DeLand is approximately 29 years. These older homes tend to be more attainable, with a median price around $323,400​ (BestPlaces)​. For homes specifically under 1,000 square feet, prices average around $253,217, reflecting their age and smaller size​​​​. These properties, though attainable, often come with the drawbacks of aging infrastructure and potentially higher maintenance costs.

Cost of New Construction Homes

On the other hand, new construction homes in DeLand are significantly more expensive, with median prices ranging from $315,000 to $350,000 for homes that are generally larger than 1,500 square feet​ (Redfin)​​ (BestPlaces)​. This price range highlights the cost barrier for new, smaller homes in the market. Despite their modern amenities and energy efficiency, these larger homes do not meet the demand for attainable, smaller living spaces.

The Gap in the Market

There is a clear gap in the availability of new, attainable homes under 1,000 square feet in DeLand. This gap is where the Blue Lake Cove project steps in, offering compact luxury homes that are both new and attainable. Our homes are designed to provide modern, energy-efficient living spaces at a fraction of the cost of typical new constructions. This makes them ideal for first-time buyers, retirees, and anyone looking to downsize without compromising on quality or community amenities.

Blue Lake Cove’s Solution

Blue Lake Cove addresses the unmet need by offering compact, high-quality homes built with durability and sustainability in mind. Our homes are constructed on concrete foundations, rated to withstand Category 5 hurricanes, and designed to meet Energy-Stingy™ standards. This ensures lower utility bills and minimal maintenance, providing a superior living experience compared to both older homes and the more expensive new constructions currently available in the market​​.


DeLand’s real estate market is ripe for innovation, particularly in the compact luxury home segment. With the current gap in attainable new constructions under 1,000 square feet, Blue Lake Cove is perfectly positioned to meet this demand, offering high-quality, sustainable living spaces at an attainable price.

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