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At DreamQuest, we’ve collaborated with partners and industry experts to craft a four-stage home-building process, ensuring a strategic journey that upholds our high standards of quality and sustainability in every community we develop.

dreamquest home build process in 4 phases

Blueprint for Impact: Our Strategic Approach to Community Development

At DreamQuest, our process is a collaborative journey towards creating sustainable, Compact Luxury Homes within vibrant communities. We engage with top-tier builders, developers, and advocates to ensure that every DreamQuest neighborhood embodies our vision of attainable workforce housing. From the initial design to the final touches, our focus remains on quality, sustainability, and accessibility. By meticulously planning each development phase and fostering partnerships with industry leaders, we build more than houses—we build the dream of homeownership.

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Shaping Homes, Building Futures

In collaboration with partners and industry leaders, DQTN is a strong voice for the American workforce, deeply affected by the workforce housing crisis. We unite with key stakeholders, creating connections and sharing knowledge, focusing on attainable housing solutions. Our efforts in social media, newsletters, and community organizing spotlight this pivotal issue, enhancing the collective voice for equitable homeownership.

Our dedicated team leads in collating impactful research, legislative updates, and news, vital for the attainable workforce housing sector. We cover topics from fair housing practices to state-level initiatives, aiming to engage diverse sectors in prioritizing this urgent crisis. Through this, we hope to inspire action and advocacy for sustainable, quality housing for all.

Entitlement Fund Phase: Land Acquisition


  • Property Analysis: Thorough examination of potential sites.
  • Parcel Selection: Choosing the optimal location for development.
  • Contract Negotiations: Finalizing terms for property acquisition.

This initial phase typically spans a 9-18 month process, where we lay the groundwork for successful development. During this stage, we begin home presales, offering future homeowners the chance to invest early in their dream.

Entitlement Fund Phase: Entitlement


  • Rezoning Approvals: Securing the necessary permissions for development.
  • Permitting: Obtaining the required permits to start construction.
  • Engineering Reports: Detailed reports ensuring structural integrity.
  • Rendering & Plans: Visualizing the future community with detailed plans.

Build Fund Phase: Site Development


  • Site Contouring: Preparing the land for construction.
  • Underground Utilities: Installing essential services for the community.
  • Parking Lot: Creating convenient and safe parking solutions.

As we transition to the Build Fund Phase, which takes about 6-9 months, we continue with home presales, giving more individuals the opportunity to be a part of the DreamQuest community.

Build Fund Phase: Home Build


  • Concrete Foundations: Establishing a strong base for every home.
  • Vertical Building: Constructing the structure of the homes.
  • Landscaping: Adding aesthetic and environmental value to the community.

The final touches of the Build Fund Phase culminate in the completion of home presales, signaling the readiness of the homes for their new owners and the flourishing of a new community.

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