At DreamQuest, we are thrilled to share the latest updates on our Blue Lake Cove project. This journey, filled with significant milestones, showcases our commitment to creating sustainable and luxurious compact homes. Here’s a detailed timeline of our progress and upcoming plans:

Secured Foundations and Initial Developments

August 2023: We secured a prime 16-acre property, setting the stage for Blue Lake Cove. This acquisition marked the beginning of our ambitious project.

September 2023: Our dedicated team kicked off civil engineering, architectural design, and environmental assessments. These initial steps are crucial in ensuring our community meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Key Approvals and Reviews

February 2024: We reached a major milestone by receiving preliminary civil and architectural approvals, alongside a clear environmental report. Additionally, we had a productive preliminary staff review, which provided essential feedback for our plans.

March 2024: To preserve the natural beauty of Blue Lake Cove, we ordered a comprehensive tree survey. This step aligns with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

April 2024: Our team initiated the landscaping plan and geological survey. Simultaneously, we submitted requests for zoning change, land use modification, and annexation to align with our development vision.

May 2024: The staff review of our submissions resulted in detailed feedback. We promptly updated our plans to incorporate their recommendations, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhanced design.

Projected Milestones

June 2024: We will prepare the updated package for review by the Planning and Zoning department, incorporating all necessary adjustments.

July 2024: The Planning and Zoning review will take place. We anticipate further feedback and will make any required updates to ensure approval.

August 2024: Preparations for the City Council review will commence, marking another significant step in our approval process.

September 2024: The City Council will review our project. We are confident in our plans and ready to make any final updates as needed.

October 2024: We will begin preparing pre-sale documentation, setting the stage for our marketing and sales efforts.

November 2024: The pre-sale of homes will officially start. This exciting phase will allow prospective homeowners to secure their place in the Blue Lake Cove community.

January 2025: We anticipate receiving final zoning approval, a pivotal milestone that will pave the way for construction.

February 2025: Final preparations for construction will be completed, ensuring everything is in place for a seamless build process.

March 2025: We will retire the original DQ Ent Fund investment and begin site construction. This marks the official start of building our dream community.

July 2025: Home construction will commence, bringing our vision of compact luxury homes to life.

October 2025: The first home closings will begin, welcoming new residents to Blue Lake Cove.

Join Us on This Journey

The development of Blue Lake Cove exemplifies DreamQuest’s dedication to creating high-quality, sustainable communities. We are excited about the future and the opportunity to share this journey with our investors and prospective homeowners.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us in making Blue Lake Cove a reality. Visit our blog for more insights and follow our progress closely.