The team at DreamQuest Tiny Neighborhoods Inc. is taking a moment to reflect on the success of our recent partnership with the Central Florida Foundation and to say a big THANK YOU to all those who attended and participated in our TableTalk sessions. These discussions, open to the public, have sparked a vital conversation about the lack of workforce attainable housing in our region.

We are immensely grateful to each individual who took time out of their schedules to contribute to these meaningful dialogues. Your diverse ideas and experiences have not only enriched the conversation but also highlighted the community’s shared commitment to finding viable housing solutions.

Your participation is the driving force behind our mission to create accessible, quality housing that meets the needs of our workforce. It is your engagement that propels us forward in our initiatives and strengthens our resolve to make a difference.

As we continue to work towards our goals, we are encouraged by the community spirit demonstrated in these sessions. Your involvement is more than just a contribution; it’s a cornerstone of the progress we are making together.

On behalf of DreamQuest Tiny Neighborhoods Inc., we want to express our gratitude and assure you that your input is highly valued. Let’s continue to work hand in hand to build a future where quality housing is a reality for everyone in our community.

If you’d like more information on how you can join us in making a real difference in our fight to provide attainable housing in the Central Florida Area, please click the get involved link below!


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