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Our Mission

Our Mission is to Advocate and Advance Attainable Workforce Housing by empowering the dream of homeownership through high-volume innovation development of Energy-Stingy™ homes in desirable Compact Luxury Neighborhoods.

Attainable & Sustainably Homes

Our homes are financially accessible, priced at 60-80% of typical local rates, and are designed with quality and
community in mind. They meet Energy-Stingy™ standards making our homes sustainable and energy efficient.

Quality Built

Our Compact Luxury Homes redefine resilience with their concrete sheet construction from foundation to roof, ensuring an unmatched quality that stands firm against Category 5 hurricanes. This solid build provides durability and unparalleled peace of mind in any weather.


Meet Our Experienced Team

Eric Hale

Eric Hale


Eric brings over 30 years of construction and corporate facility management experience. Passionate about Energy-Stingy™ construction and innovative solutions, he designed and built his own Energy-Stingy™ home, embodying his commitment to sustainable living

Scott Banta

Scott Banta

Vice President

A seasoned Florida Real Estate broker and land developer, Scott Banta brings over 40 years of industry experience. Having moved to central Florida in 1983, his extensive insights greatly enhance DreamQuest’s tiny home neighborhood initiatives. Scott’s expertise lays a strong foundation for investment opportunities, making him a reliable partner in the tiny home market

Vivian Carlson

Vivian Carlson


Vivian is a multifaceted professional with an extensive background in administration, accounting, and industries including construction and real estate. As a certified bookkeeper and Florida Notary for over 25 years, she brings a wealth of experience in financial reporting, team building, and non-profit leadership, deeply rooted in her faith and family values

Our Advisory Team

Jeff Struck

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur and currently owns three construction-related businesses. He is also a licensed commercial real estate broker in Florida, a licensed specialty contractor in Florida, and a licensed home builder in Alabama. Jeff has a real estate portfolio in various housing markets. He is a private pilot and travels nationwide in his own 2-seater airplane.

Lorraine Beato

Lorraine is a nationally recognized force of nature in the world of real estate. More than 25 years of experience as a REALTOR, investor, appraiser and consultant have imparted a rare depth of expertise in her field. Prior to becoming a licensed REALTOR, she worked on the Mortgaged Backed Securities trading floor for Merrill Lynch on Wall St. The same business acumen that brought her success to the trading floor serves her well today.  Author of Flip the Switch from Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Investor, she has built her career in real estate as an Associate Broker currently with eXp, CEO of  Property Envy Consulting and Lorraine Beato International. She has a heart for community as a dedicated volunteer for many great causes.

Chaz & Chi-Chi Tyler

Chaz and Chi-Chi Tyler seasoned residential REALTORS leading ACTS Home Team powered by Keller Williams in Orlando, Florida. They are committed to educating and empowering their clients throughout their property journey. With a client-centric philosophy, they work to ensure buyers achieve affordable, sustainable living. They are not just merely in the business of selling homes; they’re in the business of changing lives.